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Boosting A Mother's Immunity For Better Family Health

A mother's overall health influences the health of her children and family. From preconception to pregnancy and after giving birth, a woman and her family greatly benefit from mutually reinforcing actions that center on her well-being.   The right nutrition and adequate physical activity make it possible for women to readily adopt to changes in their bodies and their environment. Low-calorie and nutrient-dense foods from safe, local sources can help boost immunity and build a healthy foundation for pregnancy and a child’s full development.   Pregnancy affects a woman’s immune system such that a mother and her child become more susceptible to illnesses. Knowledge of proper food selection and preparation, for instance, may help reduce the risk of chronic diseases for mother and child. With guidance from midwives and healthcare practitioners, women can learn to prevent maternal obesity and pregnancy-related complications such as gestational diabetes and potential birth defects.   Mothers need support as they work toward a healthier lifestyle both for themselves and their entire family. Recommended infant and young child feeding practices have immense advantages to children and mothers. Research has shown that breastfeeding also helps lower the risk for heart disease and stroke among mothers.   Generations of strong and healthy families are possible if women’s health remains a priority for every home, every barangay, and every nation.