• Integrated Midwives' Association of the Philippines, Inc.


The members of the Association are classified as follows.

  • Active - Graduate registered midwives with a right to vote and participate.
  • Affiliate - member of a graduating class with no voting privilege but is to be represented.
  • Associate - A registered nurse and a registered midwife can be a member but she has no right to vote.
  • Honorary - Not necessarily a graduate registered midwife but any individual who has rendered meritorious work in the development of the midwifery profession or assisted in the promotion of the interest and welfare of the association.

To become a member of IMAP, Inc., a midwife simply applies for membership through any chapter of the association.

IMAP, Inc. is presently organized by cities and provinces. This is a grouping on the basis of geographical proximity and accessibility of transportation. The aim here is to keep the membership in close contact with each other. At present, there are 134 functioning chapters, 126 in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao and eight regional chapters or with a total membership of 131,000 with members actively engaged in the practice of the profession.